Трансферы из аэропорта Валенсии и Аликанте. Лучшие приложения, которые облегчат ваше путешествие.

Date of publication: 12.06.2019 08:28

With these applications, small details of your movements from one destination to another fall into place.


Having access to the browser and transport applications, you get the opportunity to use all possible land and air transport options that are necessary to balance your journey, especially when you are in an unfamiliar city.

"Smooth as silk" slogan Thai airlines

When you, without problems, reach where you need, you are in a good mood and remain productive and confident. Choose the ones you need from these top apps to enhance your next trip experience.


Carlusa.com - comfort and accuracy. Transfer on the roads of Spain


Заказ трансфера в аэропорту Аликанте и Валенсия

"Order transport arriving in Spain at the airports of Alicante and Valencia - Carlusa.com"

If you are heading straight from an airplane to a hotel or apartment, the first minutes of your stay may be overshadowed if you pull your suitcase on the subway, get on a bus crowded with passengers or argue with a taxi driver about why he detours and why the fare turned out to be much more than agreed. This will not happen if you use the Carliusa.com transfer service. Make the first hours of your stay in Spain a breeze, thanks to Russian-speaking drivers, who check flight delays and help you with your luggage. More than fifty destinations, all major resorts in one place. Madrid, Barcelona, ??Valencia, Benidorm, Torrevieja, Dénia, etc. The fixed price for the trip, get to your destination at ease and comfortable.


Turo - your car


Заказать авто у частного лица

"Use Тuro to rent a car from the actual owner, not from the company"

You can choose exactly the car that is needed in the parameters of your journey, instead of assigning you a random model from the category of similar ones. You deliver it directly to your location and return it to where you agree. Turo, available in almost 5,000 cities, works in Canada, Germany, the UK and the USA, etc. The cost of renting a car is usually cheaper than in traditional car rental companies.

Available on iOS and Android


Waze - never get lost


Социальный навигатор

"Best routes in real time"

If you have visited a new city, it does not matter if you travel by bicycle or car, the last thing you want is to puzzle over the route. How to get to the right point, and eventually get stuck in a traffic jam - or worse, get lost. This will never happen to Waze, it’s a social navigator. His data is collected from the users themselves, the most recent updates. Receives, in real time, information about what is happening around you, instantly redirecting you in the event of an accident or construction, affecting your planned route. Also warnings about speeding and the location of the radar on your route. Sound guidance helps you never get distracted from the road.

Available on iOS and Android


Wanderu - convenient booking of land transport


Поиск билетов на общественный транспорт

"The Wanderu app is simple and easy to use."

As you buy a train ticket in Europe or North America, Wanderu serves as an aggregator, allowing you to find the best routes and fares, as well as book tickets. You can compare prices from different carriers to find the best price and the most convenient route. You get detailed information about your route. With this application you can also purchase tickets for urban transport.

Available on iOS and Android



Citymapper - understanding of public transport


Органайзер общественного транспорта

"Organizer of public transport"

When you travel around major cities, offering several options for public transport, understanding what to do at certain points in your journey can significantly change your mood. Citymapper collects all the information about your movements. Tells you where to get out of the subway and where best to take the bus or train.

Available on iOS and Android


Hopper - helps you save money


Поиск дешёвых билетов на самолёт

"Stay up to date on airfare prices - of course Hoper"

This transport application appeared in 2017, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence to search for lucrative flight offers, Hopper analyzes more than 15 billion air ticket prices daily, so it was included in our selection of the best applications for travelers. Based on these data, he predicts a change in fares, lets you know whether to book now or wait, and if you are interested in one direction or another, the application notifies you of price reductions for airline tickets.

You will spend on booking just 60 seconds, a few taps and you are at the goal. Amazing The application also offers hotel reservations, which usually saves users about 40% of the cost compared to standard prices, and a lot of time.

Available on iOS and Android


Google Flights - with powerful search features


Поисковый инструмент, поиск полётов

"Search tool, flight search"

Google Flights receives offers from 300 airlines and travel companies, in order to provide you with a wide selection of flights, uniquely faster than any other application. It is clear that you should not expect the lowest ticket prices, but GoogleFlights can search immediately at seven airports so that you can quickly see all of your options. In addition, the application allows you to search for the year ahead, which makes it ideal for travelers who like to plan everything in advance.


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